Our pastor emailed us yesterday telling us he had been diagnosed with shingles. He’s not going to be able to come to church for the next three weeks. His wife (recently married in December) is also out with strep throat. It’s going to be lonely for the next couple of weeks at church. Tomorrow, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and I hope that it will give me hope and encouragement. Easter is the following Sunday, but I really do wish I could understand the proclamation of the Word from the pulpit. My father will give a short message in English addressed to the EM, but that’s all it will be, a short message. The rest of the service will all be in Korean. I wish I could have a translation of the hymns and songs we sing, since many of the great hymns are mini-sermons. I hope that the next few weeks will not be times of apathy but will increase my dependence on God and His sovereign will.


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