Even in South LA, a bubble

I technically live in South Los Angeles, what was once called South-Central, but because that term has become synonymous with gang life, violence, and poverty, the city has changed it to just South LA. But the area around USC is still a far cry from the depravity just a few blocks south, east, and west of campus. While there are many older houses that are rundown and streets that aren’t in the best of conditions (where did all the construction vehicles go from 30th St after tearing it up to repave three weeks ago?), as well as a few homeless people walking around, it is easy for a student to become used to it and think, “Oh yeah, I’m tough because I live in the ghetto.” Far from it. Two miles away, a neighborhood struggles with gang violence, drug houses, mobile prostitution vans, and slum conditions.

I have it so good. Lest I forget…

Living with staggering violence in South LA

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