Summer brings change

Ariel committed to his leadership role for our ministry at the end of January 2007. He had guest-spoken at our church for a few months prior to then. This past Sunday (May 25) marked his last Sunday as our pastor. It’s been about 18 months that he and his wife have been with us. His announcement of resignation was unexpected and the time between my finding out and the inevitable “last day” seemed much too short.

I don’t have too much time to write my thoughts, as I have work in the morning. Just an update. Please pray for our ministry and our new pastor. I am so thankful that Ariel found someone to replace him. They will both be present next Sunday to oversee the transition. A new chapter begins…

I just realized I forgot to write about YKC’s 5th anniversary service. So I guess my memory was off…I had thought our first service was in July 2003, but my dad told me it was May 18, 2003, making it all the cooler that May 18, 2008 fell on a Sunday as well. The service also included the ordination of new elders, so there were a lot of people. The sanctuary was packed. There were a lot of people that I had never seen before and will never see again, but just to see every pew filled was a joyful sight. Andrew and I played a song. I hope one day the EM will have an ordained pastor, elders, deacons, families, converts, non-Koreans, and humble servants.

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