So excited, yet so scared

Our potential new EM leaders came to church today. Eric is Korean, and his wife is Caucasian. They married last August, so they are very similar to Ariel and Sunny in terms of where they are in their lives. It was good to see Alyssa ask my mom about how to reach out to the younger kids, some who aren’t comfortable with speaking in English. Eric’s sermon on Jeremiah was solid, more so considering he hasn’t been in seminary yet. It had depth but was also addressed practically to youth. We thought he’d be close by since he’s going to attend Talbot, but they’re planning on moving to Thousand Oaks. They’re still in the process of finding a place in California to settle in, since Eric transferred to UCSB’s Ph.D. program in philosophy from OU. So I hope that the distance won’t be a burden.

I am so thankful that Ariel made the effort to screen several candidates and deem all of them but Eric unsuitable for various reasons. I am thankful that he found someone who looks like he will be comfortable with continuing what has been done in the past year and a half.

We met in a room after service, my parents, my brother and me, Eric and Alyssa, and Ariel. The situation is this: Eric will not make a decision about committing until the first week of July. Until then, they need time to move in and settle down. From talking with Ariel, it seems their reservation comes from more than the fact that they need to move back home. It could be the distance; maybe they want to serve someplace closer to home. It could be the challenges they see at our church. I could sense some hesitation as Eric responded to my dad asking him if he had any comments about their visit. When he said, “The ministry has a lot of potential and room for growth,” I sensed that his heart was not yet fully at peace. I came back home feeling uneasy.

I’m so excited but so scared. I would be so relieved and encouraged if they committed. At the same time, I know that a commitment guarantees many challenges ahead for them. We’ll be alone until July, and we might even be alone beyond then. We are not without struggles. But they aren’t either. I wait solemnly for what will happen in the next few months.

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