On our own

Last Sunday, we were on our own. We met in the smaller choir room while the KM had their service in the sanctuary. I didn’t prepare much, even though I knew that we were going to have a time of praise and Bible reading. I felt horrible in the morning shortly after eating breakfast and all the way right up until we started. My dad had suffered from some stomach ailment and nausea a few days earlier, so I might have caught it from him. I felt nauseous and weak, which was unfortunate because when I arrived at church, there were visitors, friends of LEMers. I wanted to be more welcoming, but I didn’t feel good at all. Strangely, as I opened solemnly in a word of prayer before we started praise, I felt better.

We introduced ourselves to one another. All three new people were girls, so the number of boys to girls was more even. Two of them spoke English well, so that was nice. We read Romans 6 and I said a few things. I didn’t have much time to share, as the KM finished and people started to interrupt us as they wanted to put their choir stuff away. It went better than I expected. After lunch, we went to Boba Loca.

One of my first thoughts upon seeing the new people was about how they just happened to pick the worst time to visit: no EM pastor, I was sick, and I was pretty much doing everything. I led praise, prayed, led the introductions, spoke on Romans 6, and if I wasn’t sick or if my brother wasn’t willing to go pick up the lunch, I would have done that too. It was encouraging during lunch, though, to see a few people help out with getting the plates, napkins, cups, utensils, and drinks.

It’s doable, but I’d rather not have this be the norm in the long run. We need leaders, accountability, discipleship, order, and discipline. We need a foundation to make sustained growth possible.

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  1. hey man, remember, even when we’re sick God still moves. Even when we feel unqualified, God still heals. Despite not believing, God still stays close to us, bringing us back to Him.

    I’m 100% positive that God is blessed by your fighting spirit, but I’m sure he also wants you to know that the burden is not for you to bear. If the work is becoming burdensome, then something may be wrong with the worker :(

    of course the situation you’re in right now seems impossible – stay in the good fight Sam, God is in your midst. This is nothing for our God who has conquered death. He would not have sent the newcomers if He thought you couldn’t handle it ;]

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