Arturo Azurdia III had a link on the front page to a sermon by Arturo Azurdia called Transformation of a Working Girl. It caught my attention because of the interesting title. There was one word in red color next to it: “outstanding!” So I downloaded it and listened to it today. It was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend it.

At times, Azurdia’s preaching reminded me a lot of Mark Dever’s preaching at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, very “high-sounding” with advanced vocabulary and eloquent sentences. For those who can follow it and aren’t put off by it, it’s very admirable and only enriches the hearer’s understanding of the Word. But what Azurdia has in greater proportion compared to Dever is a gentle and soothing voice, like a father speaking to his daughter. It was refreshing to hear him go through Joshua 2 and the story of Rahab and the Israelite spies and use it as a springboard to explain the doctrines of grace, weaving in verses from Genesis to the New Testament and giving the big picture of salvation. Oh that every pastor would speak so lovingly yet boldly and passionately about the doctrines of grace. The insights he brought out of the text were simply exciting.

How amazing that God saves sinners like Rahab. Sinners like us. Sinners like me.

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