An unseen perpetrator

I was biking back from the gym this morning when I saw a white BMW Z4 M with its driver side window smashed in. Only the window had any damage, so I knew it was a break-in, not a car accident. I’d seen the car several times before since it’s parked only a few houses down from where I live. It didn’t have its license plates yet, but the owner had already put in a shiny silver USC alumni license plate frame (it’s a good feeling to have that USC license plate frame on your car). I came back home, showered, went to class, and as I came back from class, I saw him next to his car with his girlfriend, on the phone and sounding a little shaken. It must have been a horrible feeling.

This could have happened to anyone. It must have sucked even more because it was a nice car, but it’s still a miserable feeling for anyone who has stuff taken from them. The car isn’t safe with its window missing. At least he doesn’t have to worry about the elements ruining the interior soon. The person was probably thinking, why me? Of all people, why me? A road of hassle, phone calls, and paperwork lies ahead for him, and I hope he makes it through okay.

Take care lest I forget…


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