I’m always tired after church

I thought everything was fine and good when I spent Friday night and Saturday morning choosing the Romans 15 John Piper sermon we would watch/listen to on Sunday. I was going to line up for the USC v. Ohio State football game at 10 am in the morning and would be there the entire day, so I had to prepare for church ahead of time. The previous two weeks I prepared my own message, and they turned out well. Today, things didn’t turn out so good.

We started late, and the sermon, which sounded okay to me when I previewed it, seemed long-winded and hard to understand (from the kids’ perspective) when we listened to it during service. I realized I could say the same things Piper was saying but in a more understandable way. So I got up after the video finished and recapped what the sermon was about so that they would be able to clearly understand how to apply Romans 15 to their lives. I realized that me doing the work and coming up with my own way of saying things would probably be better than taking the “easy” way out by watching or listening to someone else. There’s value in it, especially if it is a good sermon, but our group is pretty unique, so I will be more careful next time.

We shared prayer requests after the offering song. After all four of the junior high girls shared their prayer requests about tests they had this week, we asked the boys if they had any requests. Brian and John raised their hands. I thought Brian would say something serious. Instead, he said, “Can you pray that we get more hot girls at our church?” Wow, I thought. The language and mindset surrounding his request weren’t new to me, but the fact that he said this during service took me aback. Little 9th grade punk thinks he’s all that. Imagine the filth surrounding him in school.

An old member came back after over a year after leaving our church. She’s a senior in high school, which balances out the young crowd. She came last week, and it was so encouraging to have her kindness and affirmation with us. I look forward to having her be a leader and care for the kids in ways that I cannot. It was a prayer answered.


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