Done with Romans

Today we finished Romans. I was thrilled to find so many insights while meditating on verses 1-16, the section containing personal greetings from Paul to those in the Roman church. However, I didn’t articulate those insights too well today during service.

Now that we’re done with Romans, what should we do? A pastor friend of mine recommended Iain Duguid’s sermons on the Old Testament to me. I listened to one on Numbers 31, and it was very pastoral in tone and full of insight despite its shortness (30 minutes). Maybe we’ll start listening to him and get some Old Testament teaching.

It was encouraging to hear Justin singing during praise. He has more personality now compared to before, when he was a bit anti-social and terse. His younger brother Austin’s still a little out of it during service, but seeing Justin stay awake during service is definitely encouraging.

Today we had 19 people including me. That’s the most we’ve had in a while. My entire family has been happy because of that: my parents, my brother, even my grandparents.

In the past few months, I haven’t been praying for a pastor to come to LEM, but after going to the two outreach seminars we had for KCM, I feel more motivated to pray bigger prayers. The reason I didn’t pray for a pastor was because of our previous experiences and the lack of growth stemming from lack of long-term commitment. But I can pray for a pastor who will not be like previous pastors. I can pray that we will get a pastor who will stay with us and shepherd us for a long time. I can pray for solid foundations so we can start getting our own elders, deacons, and lay leaders, teachers, and servant workers. I’m going to pray because God is more than capable of making it happen.


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