The doctor comes for the sick, not the healthy

I didn’t think much when I clicked this link on the front page of Yahoo. The headline–“Sin City Saviors”–and the description, which said something about Christian crusaders trying to save Sin City, made me think it would be either crazy fundamentalists or “cool,” relevant Christians. Craig Gross is probably part of the latter (I saw his name associated with Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, which is all about being relevant–see Rob Bell), but I’m glad I watched it…seeing the visuals really helped me to understand what Gross, the founder of, is going up against.

Pray for Pastor Craig, who moved his entire family to Las Vegas to plant a church to reach the lost in Sin City. It is one thing to start a ministry dedicated to reaching those addicted to and affected by pornography and sexual sins. It is another to move your wife and young children into such a depraved city filled with wickedness. May God protect Him from temptation and surround Him with a faithful community who will be the salt and light for that city.

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  1. Posted by susie on December 18, 2008 at 7:42 PM

    nice. “cool and relevant”. for some reason, that seems to have a negative connotation (maybe it’s just me). but major props to him, it takes real guts and ngenuine LOVE to do that. i actually checked out for some reason [or for obvious reasons] i felt guilty about doing it, but … i like :) good stuff.

    & i love that you have a “religious” blog and a “regular” blog. I found myself doing this… but I feel bad about it. it’s like a blog for ‘religious me’ and and ‘secular me’.

    see you around sam park.

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