More changes

There’s a feedback effect involved in writing regularly in a blog. I feel like I must update because I’ve been updating, and I don’t want the last post to linger as though my life has been static since that point. So here’s what’s been happening at YKC.

After the frustrating past few weeks we’ve had at church, my family made a joint decision, since we pretty much have staff meetings at home about church, to have separate services for the Korean and English speakers of LEM, starting January 25. My mom, dad, and brother are all hopeful for the change, not seeing it as a detriment to unity but an opportunity for growth. My dad wants me and Andrew to start a Bible study so that we can have discipleship and steady growth. I’ve grown to the idea as well. Even though I’m always tired after service and lunch and never feel like hanging out with the group (and they don’t either), I’m excited for us to sit down and read the Bible and discuss issues. I feel like that will be a better opportunity for us to open up to one another. I don’t know where to start, what books to use, or how I will prepare, but I want to do it.  I think I will have us read through the Bible in one year. I think many of them don’t read the Bible on their own and aren’t familiar with much of it. My brother even wants to go evangelize around town and get more people to come to our church. He’s more willing to do it now because, in his frank words, the fobs aren’t there to “weigh us down.”

I wasn’t too enamored with the thought at first, because the rift is already bad as it is, but my parents think it is wise to leave the kids alone. Also, one of their dads, who is a pastor, will be leading their service, so he will be able to see their behavior. Maybe then, he will see how much they need to grow up. But will he do anything about it?


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