“Lost in Wonder”

I’ve had the privilege of introducing this song to USC KCM. Back when Tim Hughes and Matt Redman and the Soul Survivor crew were more popular, I used to visit the site WorshipTogether.com often. The site used to have free sheet music frequently, and one of the songs was “Lost in Wonder.” I downloaded it even though I had never heard the song before. I didn’t have an MP3 of it on my computer and never heard it played at any church. So I read the sheet music and played it on the piano. It had a simple melody but powerful lyrics, especially the short pre-chorus sections. I looked the chords, realized it was a super easy song on guitar, and started playing it at church. So I’ve been singing it for quite a while now.  Someone nice put it up on YouTube to listen to. If you’d like the song, let me know. It’s an unknown gem.

“Lost in Wonder” by Martyn Layzell

You chose the cross with every breath
The perfect life, the perfect death
You chose the cross
A crown of thorns you wore for us
And crowned us with eternal life
You chose the cross

And though your soul was overwhelmed with pain
Obedient to death You overcame

I’m lost in wonder
I’m lost in love
I’m lost in praise forevermore
Because of Jesus’ unfailing love
I am forgiven
I am restored

You loosed the chords of sinfulness
And broke the chains of my disgrace
You chose the cross
Up from the grave victorious
You rose again so glorious
You chose the cross

The sorrow that surrounded you was mine
“Yet not my will but yours be done” You cried

On a side note, I’m surprised that the visual design and layout of WorshipTogether.com haven’t changed at all since 5 years ago. Seems the blokes in Australia (Hillsong and United) have become far more popular than the Brits.


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