Christ, Controversy, and Cutting Words

Jesus plus anything ruins everything. That can be Jesus plus homeschooling, Jesus plus Republican, Jesus plus anything. Jesus plus spiritual experience, Jesus plus worship format or style. We have freedom, and God is gracious. But Jesus plus anything for justification ruins everything. It’s Jesus plus nothing.

– Mark Driscoll, at a seminar at Desiring God Conference 2008.

Driscoll is funny and witty, satirically mocking today’s culture, but he also has very powerful words to say. When he screams, “Hypocrites!”   multiple times in reading Jesus’ words in Matthew (21:17)…it’s hard not to be seared. He talks about the challenges he and his church face in the least churched city in America. I won’t give it away. It’s at 64:00 to 68:30. It is powerfully sobering. And the way he closes the seminar; the air is heavy.


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