Acts 2

Yesterday was debriefing for our Mexico mission trip. I didn’t realize it would be so long, from 3 to 10 pm. As the hours passed, I thought more and more about preparing for Sunday’s message. I had listened to Mark Dever’s sermon on Acts 1-2 and taken notes earlier in the week, but I had nothing written. And I felt horrible that even though I had been thinking about Acts 2 the entire week, I would be returning home late Saturday night with nothing. I had a dream earlier this week where I had nothing prepared for Sunday. Debriefing was really good, especially the time of encouragement, but I couldn’t help but be concerned for Sunday. So I shared it in our last time of prayer, and everyone prayed for me, and I felt encouraged and energized to work on it when I got home. I got home around midnight and started writing, having only a page by 2 am, when I crawled into bed and set my alarm for 7:30 am. I forced my head off the pillow when it went off and continued writing. During those two hours of writing, I felt a theme start to come together and things start to flow. Analyzing Peter’s sermon at Pentecost, we could learn about how to share the gospel with our friends. I was excited to share it with them since we want to grow and a good way to do that is to invite and bring our friends to church.

Even though I again rushed to finish and printed it 5 minutes before leaving for church and had no time to practice or read it aloud to myself, I felt at ease during the delivery. Everyone stayed awake, and Grace even brought a pen and notebook to take notes. Andrew would flip back and forth between the cross-referenced passages I would mention. Even though there were only 5 people all sitting in one row of chairs, I was eager to share with them insights from Scripture. We started our Bible study today using the book God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible, and I’m excited to go through it with them, along with having them memorize Bible verses having to do with sharing the gospel.

It’s funny, today I was less tired than on days when I would get a lot of sleep. I’m thankful for today and all that God did. Thank you to all who prayed and have been praying.

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  1. Posted by suz on February 15, 2009 at 1:17 AM

    ah, good stuff. gooo~ sam! your perseverance is such an encouragement!

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