Single pastors 2

I was thinking yesterday about my entry on single pastors. I thought about how every married pastor who speaks at KCM–whether at USC, chapel, or UR–always lavishes praise on their wives as they introduce themselves before the sermon. They unashamedly declare that their wife is the most beautiful and the most awesome person in the world. I think it’s because they are so happy and grateful that God provided for them a helper that they cannot help but overflow with joy. In their ministry, these pastors depend on their wives for support and their service. How can they not magnify their wives in the presence of the church? Their wives teach them and inspire them and point out their errors.

Maybe some of them were anxious and worried too about getting married when they were single. What joy they have now! May God grant me such joy in due time.

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  1. man sam, me too, me too

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