Communion Palm Sunday

Yesterday’s Communion was sweet. It is always an immense blessing and an encouragement to partake of the elements. My brother was finally confirmed, and he was able to join the church in taking the bread and juice. I’m not sure if it’s a presbytery policy or a KAPC-wide regulation, but those who are baptized as infants at our church must be “confirmed” by publicly professing their faith in front of the congregation after the age of 15 before they are able to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

How joyful it is to taste the bread and the juice to know that the love of Christ for me is real just as this food and drink is real. At Grace Presbyterian Church of DC, which I attended summer of 2007, the church had Communion every single week. Every week, 300-400 people would walk down the aisles, tear off a piece of bread from the loaf, and take either a cup of grape juice or wine. I would sit back in the pews as the rest of the congregation continued to come to the front and write out my reflections in my journal. So many times, I was overwhelmed by a sense of God’s grace. One time, I accidentally took the wine and was taken aback by the bitterness of the alcohol. I was telling my brother about how regardless of what drink the church uses, both remind us of the love of Christ. Wine reminds us of the bitterness of the death on the cross which was required to pay the penalty for our sins. Juice reminds us of the sweetness of the redemption his sacrifice secured for us.

One time, our church used the wafers that I think are used in many Catholic churches. It was tasteless and flimsy. We never used it again. We went back to using pound cake cubes (so good!). I also participated in the Lord’s Supper at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in DC, and they used unsalted, bland crackers. I guess it was closer to what the disciples might have eaten, unleavened bread, but it was so meager and stale. I loved eating “real,” fluffy, mouth-watering bread at GraceDC and City Presbyterian Church in Long Beach. Rev. Duke Kwon at GraceDC gave a great sermon on the Lord’s Supper on June 24, 2007. I think it was from this sermon that I heard him tell the people, if you are feeling weak in faith, if you are feeling like you really need God’s grace, take a bigger piece of bread and when you eat it, know that Christ’s love for you is as real and satisfying as that bread is.

We only do Communion two or three times a year. I would love to do it more often, as GraceDC and City Pres do. But it is always a blessing, regardless of how often we do it.

Praise God for using ordinary, humble means to communicate His extraordinary, extravagant grace.


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