It’s always good to hear good things more than once

The speaker at KCM Chapel on Sunday mentioned the story of how Christianity came to Korea. It was good to hear the story again of Robert Jermain Thomas, dramatized in his narrative voice. Afterwards, my brother and I were like, “Who’s this Sam Moffett guy? I thought it was Underwood!” We asked our dad, and he said, yeah, Horace Underwood was the first Presbyterian missionary (actually the other Horace, Horace Allen, who was a medical missionary, arrived in Korea a year before Underwood did, in 1884). Underwood founded a Christian college which eventually became today’s Yonsei University in Seoul.

Back in July, I wrote about the beginnings of Christianity in Korea, how I shared it with the congregation during service while covering Romans 10. It’s always good reading old entries. May it bless you, the reader (I wonder who you are), if you haven’t read it yet.


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