Good Friday 2009

I joined my dear brother Daniel Kang for worship on Friday at his church’s EM (English Ministry) service. Every time I visit a new church and worship with other humble, God-fearing congregations, I weep. Yesterday was no different. I was overcome by God’s love for me when we sang “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”: “That He should give His only Son / To make a wretch His treasure.” I felt like a wretch, so weak, so insecure. How deep His love for me! Just a few things that stood out to me as Pastor Tim shared the gospel through Isaiah 53:

  • Some lies we tell as Christians:
    • “I’m praying for you” (so true)
    • “I’ll go wherever You want me to”
  • Why does God love you? Really, why does He love you?
  • Jesus was a manly man. Carpenter. Big hands. Haha.
  • It is good that Jesus didn’t fall for a woman. But many women followed him. Godly women will follow godly men. So disciple them like Jesus did…and pick one. Haha!
  • True repentance involves deep sorrow. Back in the day example of people wailing and rolling on the ground because of their sorrow. Nowadays, all repentance is is mumbling “I’m sorry God.”
  • Moving from the back row to the front row does not make you a Christian.
  • Suffering for Christ in the city. Taking the blow as Christ did, despite our ability to defend ourselves.

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