Tim Keller at the Gospel Coalition 2009 National Conference, speaking on idolatry and how all of our idols will fail and how Jesus is the only answer.

Highly recommended. I’m over a week late in watching it, but for those readers who haven’t heard of the conference, it’s a conference for pastors, but there is much any Christian can learn from these sermons. Tim Keller’s was the first; there are still a bunch for me to listen to. Please comment if you listened to them and found any of the others particularly insightful or moving.

This is the first time I’ve seen Tim Keller on video preaching. The only other time I’ve “seen” him is the apologetics talk he gave at Google, but that was low quality. This time I could see his body language a lot better: his facial expressions, his hand motions, things he does outside of just his speaking voice. And it’s crazy to see how gentle and conversational he is, but how much authority and wisdom he has behind the pulpit. He doesn’t need to raise his voice for the listeners to understand just how much passion he has. I love it…it is an encouragement to me, that even though I am not a particularly gifted speaker, the Holy Spirit can empower my words through the way I say them, through my body language, through what is unspoken.

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