Reflections from the KCM senior interview

KCM has senior banquet at the end of every school year. Last year was the first time I went. I’m not sure why I didn’t go sophomore year (two years ago), because I had a great time last year. I really enjoyed the senior interviews, because I didn’t really know any of the seniors very well, so hearing them reminisce about their past four years and make predictions about the future was really cool. And now college is over, and I will find myself on that video screen as they were, answering some of the same questions they did.

As I read the interview questions ahead of time and thought of things I could say, I thought about how awkward the interview could be for someone who wasn’t that close to their class or to KCM. Maybe even a bit of an agony and inconvenience. I remember listening to one senior last year during our semesterly outing to Koreatown Galleria during finals who told me how he felt a little out of place even as a senior, how he wasn’t like the popular people. I don’t remember what I said as consolation. I know it wasn’t enough, though, because he told me the following week at banquet after I greeted him that he didn’t feel very close to his fellow senior class and felt strange sitting at the table with all of them. It showed in his interview. It must have only compounded whatever feelings he had that night to hear the entire hall erupt with laughter or adoration over other people in his class but not for anything he said or shared.

I thank God for such a gracious and welcoming class, for opening their arms to me in love and allowing me to enjoy these past three years with them. Because of them, I have memories to share and jokes to make and secrets to reveal (nothing crazy haha), all because of their love. And I know that their love toward me and one another was rooted in their love for God and God’s love for them.

I don’t want to take for granted this wonderful feeling of feeling included, because I remember those times, in my life and in others, when it wasn’t a given. Sometimes there is great loneliness where you least expect it. May my heart be sensitive to those who may feel it and may I have compassion for them and be able to show kindness to them.

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