The new stage is going

It’s been almost two weeks since graduation, and I’m glad to say I have spent my time well. Two of my friends that lived with me last year at my house at school moved back for the summer while my roommate that I shared my room with this past year moved back down to San Diego to his family. They spent an entire day with their girlfriends cleaning the house, getting rid of the clutter, and rearranging furniture to maximize space. It was a fresh start to the summer, and having them around, since they are working part-time from home and know how to focus when it comes time to do work, quickly helped me get into the mindset of maximizing my time. There are so many things I can do with my time, and the Monday after graduation I made a schedule dividing up my day into blocks, leaving time for each important daily task. I decided to do a Bible study with Jake and invited some of my KCM friends to it. We had our first meeting this week, and I am so glad we decided to do it. Accountability was one of my concerns for the post-grad life, and I am so glad that God has given me the drive and the opportunity to continue encouraging, being encouraged, learning, discussing, and praying for my brothers and sisters. I also visited one of the small group Bible studies of Reality LA, a church in Hollywood. It was such a blessing seeing the hearts of my friends, seeing how mature and sincere and thoughtful they are in their prayers, and also the hearts of people I had met for the first time, seeing the unity that comes through trust in God’s Word. I am truly, truly blessed to have had and to have now such good friends and role models.

All it takes is a little initiative.  When your fellow believers are also craving the same accountability, all it takes is a little thought. Even if it is just meeting over food or coffee, or even a phone call, when we share our lives with one another, we are challenged, we are reminded, we are encouraged, we are driven to pray, to rejoice, and to appreciate.

One of the things we discussed during our RBMW study was the fact that some people look toward the future, toward future marriage, believing that personal worth (or maturity or satisfaction or fulfillment or significance) cannot be found until they become married. They waste their single lives away, not realizing that they can do so much for the Kingdom while they are in their present stage of life. They look for God’s calling solely for their future, rather than seeking His calling for their present situation. They think “I am not called to be married” rather than “I am called to be single.” A not calling to something is passive and apathetic…a calling to something is purposeful and intentional.

It was not good for man to be alone at creation. But because of the Fall, because of the Great Commission, sometimes it is good for man to be alone. All single Christian guys should have that mindset, that being single does not just mean “not married.” Being single does not mean being sad and mopey. It means that God has not granted us a ministry of family yet, and because He hasn’t, we are more able to pursue the larger ministry of this world. The “calling” to be single does not mean being single forever, nor is it an important or clear calling only for full-time missionaries, but it is a calling for all of us followers of Christ for our present moment. God has appointed the current chapter of our lives for singleness as a platform for the day by day missions work that we do at school, work, and in our free time. So let us not sit around and do nothing, regardless of what stage we are in.

I feel bad not putting any Bible references in there, but I hope that I am on the right track.

Last Sunday was good. I felt very tired after practicing the service’s praise songs for not very long. I imagined myself singing with other people, with other instruments, with voices full of sincerity. It actually made a difference! I didn’t feel so tired after worship. I felt joyful and eager. I spoke to an audience of one that morning. It was just me and Grace. But I didn’t feel sad or frustrated. God answers prayers.


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