Tribute to my roommates

The TV is hardly on this summer and the house is quiet. I love it. I’m going to miss living with my roommates when they and I both move out. The little things they do have helped me to become more mature and responsible. Some examples.

Jake was tired last night and crawled into bed early to read for a bit before sleeping. He asked me what I did every night at the computer, because I’m usually on the computer before I go to bed. When I mentioned Facebook among other things, he remarked how he thought Facebook was the biggest waste of time and how he’d delete his account if only he wasn’t so lazy and wrote down all his friends’ email addresses. The way he said it, I knew he wasn’t looking down on me or anything like that. He wasn’t trying to tell me I was bad or that I should grow up, but at the same time, what he said challenged me. More than mere guilt, it was an urge to consider the amount of time I spend and to evaluate my priorities. It’s things like this that make me really appreciate living with him and getting to know him. I know he probably never reads this blog, since he doesn’t like spending time on the computer, so I will write all these good things about him haha. It wasn’t on the senior interview video, but for the question, “Who was the biggest influence on you in the past four years?” I answered Jake, whom I met freshman year at a Campus Crusade for Christ small group.

Rob told me two weeks ago he wanted to read the entire Bible in a summer or at least read like crazy over the summer and see where he’s at by the time school starts again. Within a week and a few days he read from Genesis to Numbers. Now he’s already in 1 Samuel. He started P90X right after finals and has been doing it every afternoon, setting up half his room with exercise mats, pull-up bar, dumbbells. In our driveway outside is a bench press machine and barbell. Man, I admire his diligence. Setting a goal and then getting it done, working consistently each day.

Adam buys a lot of groceries and always seems to be cooking at home, if he’s not eating out with his girlfriend. He’ll break open one egg to cook one slice of French toast for breakfast. Who does that hahaha. He always keeps everything super clean. Our room hardly has dirty clothes lying around.

And Andy…haha I don’t know if he reads this, but he was a beast in college. Walk-on track athlete and eventually became the team captain senior year. 1:51 800m time, somewhere around 4:10, 4:15 mile time. Air Force ROTC and the highest ranking cadet in like southern California or something crazy like that and also California Air Force cadet of the year. Now’s he’s a commissioned officer, 2nd Lieutenant. He got the Order of Laurel and Palm award at the Baccalaureate Dinner for graduating seniors this year. Haha, he had no idea he was getting it, but it’s for seniors who do well in academics and leadership positions in the community. He’s in the Bac/MD program and headed to USC med school this fall. The other guys make fun of him because he’s the most “baby” out of us, but he’s still a beast haha.

I learn a lot seeing Jake and Adam interact with their girlfriends. I learn about how to be more wise and mature when they tell me about their plans for marriage and their ambitions for the future. I don’t know if they became more mature as a result of their relationships (perhaps…they occasionally tell me about how stupid they were in high school haha) or if they were able to sustain these relationships because of the maturity they had before they got into them, but it’s probably both. Both of their girlfriends are from South America, so they’re always talking about traveling and living abroad. Jake wants to be a foreign service officer and bought a ton of books to study for the grueling FSO exam. He’s studying Portuguese through Rosetta Stone. He loves Korean barbecue and came to lunch with my family after graduation. Haha Jake is so cool.

I’m so glad that God has put such friends in my life, people that I can look up to as well as call my buddies. They have taught me so much. I hope I’ve taught them something as well. It’s so funny that we’re the same year of college (well sort of, since Jake and Adam graduated college in 3 years) but they are so much older. Jake, Andy, and Adam were all born in 1986! Bunch of old boys. Haha.


One response to this post.

  1. looks like Mike and I have some pretty big shoes to fill ;]

    also makes me wish I got o know these guys better (esp. Andy – it’s always just been a “hi” and “bye” thing with me and him).

    don’t get all teary eyed on me Sam. Remember, you’re a beast too :P

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