Worst-case scenario, but still hopeful

A short update on our church situation. The pastor that led our KM youth service resigned, leaving the church (no tension or conflict involved) and taking his three kids with him. This meant that I would now be in charge of all the kids again, both Korean-speaking and English-speaking. The first Sunday we met together was the day before I took the LSAT and left for Korea. And I was hopeful after that day, having spoken on 1 Corinthians 12:12-31, on the Church as the body of Christ. Two weeks later, while in Korea, I found out that none of the KM kids had showed up. Disappointed but my dad told me that was what he originally expected. They likely have left for good and will join some other church. As I told my brother, they come together and leave together. A shame. And as I told my dad, can we really expect anything else, when none of these kids’ parents attend our church? As it turns out, this past Sunday, the two KM kids whose dad has been an assistant pastor at our church for over 5 years were there.

It is encouraging when my dad tells me that though I may feel ineffective or incompetent, the fact that I am consistent and have a heart for the ministry already makes me “better” than all the other JDSNs we’ve had since I was in 7th grade–from a father of 3 to a 40-year-old single man to an ex-gang member (who mysteriously took off after one week) to an idealistic and headstrong Westminster student to another Westminster student who found ministry too burdensome.

We press on. Even if it’s “maintain” mode, there is still hope for the years ahead. I could write more, but I will stop here.

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