Google rankings

Sometimes I think it’s cool that WordPress gets my blog and entries ranked so high on Google. Other times, I’m like, man, how do my entries get ranked so high on such generic Google searches? Especially when no one links to my entries and they aren’t that old.

My blog comes up 1st for “take care lest you forget,” 6th for “lest you forget,” 2nd for “bad worship songs,” 3rd for “korean pastors.” Kind of scary. Maybe good? I hope my writing is a blessing to people. I added a rating function to my entries, since leaving comments might be a little uncomfortable for some. Just click “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”! Kind of like Facebook’s “like” function,  I hope it gets people to give some feedback (except here it’s anonymous). It’ll let me know I’m not just writing into the air.


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