Love on

What is the origin of the phrase “love on”? I first heard it in Campus Crusade for Christ, where a bunch of people would say “We just want to love on people.” I thought it was a white thing, but now I hear some Korean Christians using it. The phrase has always sounded a little condescending to me. Just listen to the difference: “I love you” versus “I love on you.” Makes me kind of wince. Especially when used in the context of missions and evangelism, it makes it seem like the person saying it thinks they are somehow above the people they are ministering to. The phrase reminds me of pounding someone over the head with a Bible, like there’s a selfish heart motive. I know that’s probably not the case for most people who use it, but I prefer just saying “love.”


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  1. Posted by sarah chong on August 7, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    fight on -> love on?

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