Worship and ADD don’t mix

On Sundays, we’re going over each of the NT epistles in one sitting. Romans worked out well two weeks ago…1 Corinthians today, not so much. The problem? This kid named David. He and his younger brother Daniel are newcomers to our church, sons of a new pastor we have that will be leading young adult KM. David was kind of fun/funny at first, but now he’s just really annoying. Restless, making weird faces, moving the chairs around, complaining loudly about the heat. It’s frustrating for me because if I say something every time he does something, it breaks the flow of what I’m saying and I lose my train of thought. So I was exhausted by lunch time. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

If Andrew was there, they would have been a lot better. He does a good job keeping them in line (ggohm-jjak-du-moh-teh haha). So I’m going to do my best for the next 3 weeks to hold the fort on my own. If Justin, Austin, and Rachel were here today, I think the boys would have been less ADD. It’s just the fact that it seemed so low-key with so few of us today that the boys felt more comfortable with spazzing out. Got to start thinking of wrestling moves/easy ways to inflict pain and work on acting stern, something I’m not good at hahaha. God is using the boys to test my patience and my ability to discipline and express disapproval without overreacting. Trying to walk the line between being harsh and being a coward. I tend to lean toward the latter.

I think my guitar pickup’s battery is dead…my guitar didn’t work today, but it was nice to be able to hear my own voice on the PA system and sing on-key. Can’t say the same about the other room’s PA system…the tiny speaker feedbacks if you try to raise the mic volume.

Is God pleased even when we’re in “maintain” mode? God is teaching me more and more to look at my life in terms of stages and chapters, not to get too caught up in the short-term. What I expect the next chapter to hold often gives me peace and hope. So much can change in a few years. Just look at how much I’ve learned in the past 4 years of college. The 20s are WIDE open for me. I’ve only just begun–literally.


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  1. Living with passion and fervency sometimes means extending it out for periods of time. Then you know it’s not just because of circumstances that you are passionate, but rather because of what you believe in that you are.

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