Inertia is our worst enemy

Many of my friends are overseas, either traveling or for missions work. I’ve been thinking about how much my experiences traveling this summer made me think. Soul stimulation, I like to call it, but that sounds a little artificial. Maybe soul stirring? There is something about being around new people, new places, new experiences that makes me think more. Think about myself, about my desires, about my fears, about my blessings, about my weaknesses. Being back home has dulled that soul stirring. But I’ve been thinking about how I shouldn’t live off of nostalgia. People say that they have changed and learned so much when they come back home after being abroad. But many soon become jaded again to home life. They lose their momentum and their energy and their focus. And that’s what I’m trying hard now to fight against. The feeling that the seeming humdrum of daily life at home is nothing special, something only to drudge through, all the while filling oneself with memories of past feelings of purposefulness and meaningfulness. I must fight against jadedness. I have to be faithful with this chapter of my life, with the situation God has placed me in. The mundane is still meaningful.

Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink or stay at home or look for a job or microwave lunch or go grocery shopping or look for stuff on Craigslist, do it all to the glory of God. God was no less glorified when I stuck my ear plugs in and pounded LSAT questions at my desk than when I led praise at church. God is no less glorified when I have Bible study at home than when I do a gospel skit in Mexico. I want to be faithful with the mundane in the now so that God may entrust to me greater and bigger things in the future. The same 16 hours of the day when you wake up at home are the same 16 hours you had when you were on missions or when you were traveling or studying abroad. I know it is hard when we don’t have those particular people and places to stir up our sense of meaning and purpose. But maybe that means we should think outside the box about how we can open those doors for God to stir our souls once again.

Go to a coffee shop and start a conversation with a stranger. Have dinner with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Take local streets instead of the freeway. Start a Bible study with a friend. Visit a new church where you don’t know anyone. Bake a cake for your neighbor. I don’t know. Who knows what God might teach you when you step outside of the ordinary, with the longing that God would renew your desire for your first love and joy (Revelation 2:4, Psalm 51:12).

I am praying for my friends who will be coming back soon, that they would not get into that funk, that rut, that molasses pit of jadedness. Inertia creeps in and seeps in. Day after day, your eyes start to glaze over slowly and when all you do is watch your DVRed movies and play video games and spend hours on video chat doing absolutely NOTHING, you’ve lost. You’ve lost miserably. I hate it when people put “I’m bored” in their FB statuses or away messages. They are too lazy to find something to do when there are so many things worth our time. They are wasting their lives. It’s time to redeem our time and give inertia the finger. God did not create us for stagnant, meandering lives. He created us to live for Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. So join with me and let’s DO THIS.


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  1. I’ll Join you!

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