The Lord is working in us

My little brother Andrew has learned much from his recent 5-week-long mission trip to Japan with KCM. It truly was God’s good, pleasing, perfect will for me to stay this summer and for him to go. He turned 18 on August 9, and I know that he is becoming more mature. These are the good things I see in his life and character, and I only hope the list grows more as he continues through college. May his maturity increase beyond his years.

  • First, Andrew has become more mindful of money and finances. The reality of the recession plus the financial struggles that pastors of small churches have always gone through have finally hit him. It is so encouraging to see him refuse my dad for things which before he would have complained about. He never knew anything before, but this summer has been a huge eye-opener for him, to see those dollars and commas and zeros as real. Struggling to meet fundraising goals, financial aid problems, credit card debt, and feeling the pinch while shopping…all these things have given him much wisdom. And I am thankful.
  • Andrew is becoming more able to identify the KCM/Korean-American church subculture and distance himself enough from it to criticize it with good judgment. He never realized how much he himself was a part of it until this summer after watching and getting to know people from other schools and churches. I’ve appreciated the opportunities to share my experiences and observations from my 3 years with KCM and have him affirm them. I learn from him and he learns from me. And not only that, but we are quick to point out the fact that we ourselves can often act in the same way as the people that aren’t above reproach. But once we’ve seen it as an outsider, we are much more aware and careful about the way we might also propagate the stereotypes.
  • Kind of related to this, he has also become more aware of the hard work, maturity, and responsibility that he must learn and accept on his path to marriage. It can be easy for us to say how people in KCM have so much to learn and to lament the fact that there are few examples of mature manhood in the group (I am sorry if this is harsh). But rather than think of ourselves as better (there are too many things we know we must work on), we only hope that somehow, some day, for both brothers and sisters, the characteristics they may consider boring or un-fun now become admirable and desirable assets in the future. I am thankful that I have been able to supplement our observations of KCM with what I’ve learned through my close, non-Korean Christian brothers. He sees the value in their perspectives, and I will make sure from now on to relay to him all the things I learn from them.
  • And related to that, AIM and computer/video games are becoming less and less of time wasters to him. It’s not like he abstains completely, but to see him grow out of it is very encouraging to see. Part of the reason he got a Mac for college was so that he wouldn’t be able to play games in his room. He is actually glad that some of his KCM friends don’t have his screen name on their buddy list, because he knows that they would just have useless conversations with him.  We both see that the majority of the people still online on our buddy lists are KCM people. Everyone else that we knew from high school (that aren’t Korean) have seemed to grow out of it. It’s a self-reinforcing desire to be on AIM. And it annoys the heck out of us to see older people (especially leaders…especially single leaders) continue their college lifestyles of insomnia and laziness, updating their Facebook statuses every hour, and being obnoxious and undignified.
  • Most importantly, the gospel has finally clicked for him. The burden is finally planted in his heart, and I am excited to see the fruits of that seed. He craves the Word and wants to spread that hunger and thirst to others. He finally has a heart for the church, for the lost, for the wayward.

God answers prayers…


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  1. Posted by Billy on August 24, 2009 at 5:17 PM

    Love the last point; praise God!

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