Definitely not summer anymore

Last week’s entry was a little dreary, but this past Monday was a great day. Had some very deep discussions and was given valuable wisdom to store away for the future. And also solemn reminders of the need for prayer. It shook me out of my zombie mode. I really needed it and was glad I got it. Even though the rest of the week seemed to cycle through again, I do think I learned a lot this week. I know I could have been better with my time, but it’s okay.

It’s strange, I don’t feel like writing much anymore. Either here or in my journal. I used to want to write often, even if it was just a bulleted list of things I did that day, so that I could remember that I didn’t just sit around and do nothing. I’m having to force myself to do it these days. So different from the summer. Just a season I hope.

I guess one thing I can write is that I’ve noticed that I’m so much more stimulated and affected by whatever it is I’m learning or doing when I’m doing them with others. It is so much more exciting to have ideas bouncing back and forth, to respond to other people’s observations, to ask and be asked questions. I noticed this especially today in my second hermeneutics class. Poring over John 15:1-8 and Romans 8:1-11 wasn’t very fun on my own at night. In class, it was so much more engaging. The hour spent doing each of my assignments was tedious, and I just wanted to get it over with. But the hour spent on each passage in class felt too short, and I wanted to keep mulling over my thoughts, wrestling with the texts and trying to evaluate other interpretations.

Two weeks ago, several guys at my internship asked me what I did over the weekend. I blanked out because Saturday was mostly prepping for Sunday, so I just said I was busy and tried to catch up on sleep or that I watched the football game. I thought to myself, man, I should have said I went to church. Why was I afraid to share that? It’s what I spent nearly the entire weekend doing. I made a note to myself to do better with the opportunity next time. So this week, I was asked the same question, and this time I didn’t hide it.

I think we as Christians shouldn’t brush off so easily the question “What did you do over the weekend?” It could be a good conversation starter when you tell people you went to church and spent time with your church friends. At the very least, you will get it out to them that you are a Christian, and then maybe they will notice your actions and behavior more in the future. Hopefully, though, your actions will lead them toward the gospel, not away.

I can’t seem to write as well as I did before. As in, all my sentences are so simple now, and anything more takes a lot of effort. Oh well. Wowzers, I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour.


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