This at last

“A good man is never less alone than when alone with God.”

I read this line in Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary on Mark 6:45-56 in preparation for today’s sermon. The context is Jesus’ walking on the water. What happens right before the miracle is that Jesus sends the disciples on ahead of him to take the boat to the other side while he goes up into the mountains to pray alone. This line hit me less because it gave me insight into the passage and more because it reminded me of something else. A good man is never less alone than when alone with God. A good man…alone. Alone…with God.

Adam, the first man, was given a task by God. He was to name the animals as God brought them to him. He had to spend time observing each animal and pondering its characteristics. He had to come up with a name that could capture the essence of the animal. All this must have been hard work. Through this work, he realized his need for a companion. He realized his need more and more as he went through creature after creature, finding none that shared his nature and his affection. Adam must have been exhausted and perhaps exasperated. Where was his helper? God had purposely presented all of creation before him to deepen his longing (Genesis 2:18: God says “I will make a helper fit for him” and then proceeds to bring only animals before him). God brought deep sleep to the tired Adam, and during his rest, He created and prepared for him the perfect companion. The result was Eve, a most suitable helper for Adam.

Adam obeyed God in fulfilling his calling as the head of all creation. One of the responsibilities and tasks of his calling was to exercise his dominion over the living creatures of the air, land, and sea by naming them. God knew that along the way Adam would become lonely. He made Adam wait. He made Adam go through thousands, if not millions, of candidates. How long must it have taken? But he was faithful with his calling and stuck it through to the end, and in the end, he received the most amazing gift the first man could ask for: the first woman. And it was very good. “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” At last!

Something I have been telling myself and taking to heart is this. Be faithful to your calling, and the Lord will provide. More to come on what calling is, but I will say this for now. My calling is not just something greater and bigger in the future. My calling is that, yes, but it is also what I am doing now. I can’t shake the conviction that in the long run, the time that I am spending now on work, church, and family will not go forgotten by the Lord. I am working hard to fufill my calling as Adam did in the Garden. And the Lord will provide for me just as He provided for Adam. I take great comfort in this.

Today I was officially appointed the JDSN for Living Exodus Ministry (the English ministry of Ye Kwang Presbyterian Church). It was a great encouragement to hear the KM sing a hymn of dedication over me and to hear my dad praying passionately from the pulpit for me as I stood at the front of the sanctuary.

I’m looking forward to all that God will do in LEM in the coming months of 2010.

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  1. Posted by sarah chong on January 4, 2010 at 12:08 AM

    Sam! Thanks for this encouraging entry– and that’s awesome news about being JDSN at your church! I pray you’ll continue to guide and the lead the EM toward a ministry that is ultimately led by Christ (:

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