Giving inertia the finger in 2010

Sunday was kind of a downer. The sermon delivery went horribly. I felt so disorganized and felt like I had no direction in what I was saying that I almost wanted to stop in the middle of it. I wanted to crawl up in a shell and not talk to anyone afterwards. So I was so thankful that Andrew took initiative in trying to make the three newcomers welcome. We are having some changes to the pastoral staff so their kids will be joining us for good. The problem is they don’t speak much English at all. But I hope that through our actions they can see that we are a community that loves God and one another.

Slowly we are building unity, a true unity–based not on eating fast food, laughing at YouTube videos, breakdancing, World of Warcraft, or basketball–but on our common faith in Christ.

Praying for continued faithfulness and dedication in servant leadership among our group, but I’m also praying that somehow, maybe God would bring other people to our church. Not unbelievers but mature believers who feel a calling to serve at a small church.

There aren’t many places to study close to where I live. It’s a drive to get to the nearest Starbucks or bookstore. But recently, I’m beginning to believe that the 20-30 minutes I might spend commuting to these places is very worth it. Not just because I’m able to focus better with strangers around me and get more work done. There’s something about being in that public place, watching the people that come and go, overhearing conversations, seeing people from all walks of life intersect in one location, that makes me pray more and stirs my spirit more. I like it. Someone gives me a cold stare when I ask if I can move a chair. I begin to think about how I can forgive and love that person. How God loves him still. I’m encouraged to see a brother in Christ give his umbrella to a bearded, stumbling vagrant as he leaves and say “God bless you.” I see the hipsters walk in acting like kids and it makes me pray for the city. I hear people talking in Armenian or Spanish or Korean and it makes me think and pray about what God might be doing in those immigrant communities and in the native countries they represent. It makes me feel small, and I always welcome it because it humbles me, it reminds me of things beyond my grasp and familiarity. Even though sometimes the noise and the commotion make it harder to focus, I want to put myself there and make myself available for God to teach me things. That I might gain wisdom, that I might be a light where there may be darkness, maybe even that I might share the gospel.

Put yourself out there. Go somewhere new and take it all in. Give God the opportunity to remind you of things you may have forgotten, about yourself, about your sin, about the need for the gospel in this world. And don’t be afraid to do it alone. Sometimes, taking friends along for the journey can be helpful, but more often than not, it is just a distraction, a crutch betraying a fear of what is uncomfortable and new.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Billy on January 28, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Starbucks runs are always fun. Thanks Pastor Sam :)

  2. I pray that God would bring unbelievers to your church! At least those who are seeking Christ.

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