80% of unmarried evangelical young adults have had sex? Hmm

CNN Belief Blog – Why Young Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore

This CNN blog post says that 88% of unmarried adults ages 18-29 have had sex. And not only that, but 80% of “unmarried evangelical young adults” have had sex. I don’t know how the author of the Relevant Magazine article who is cited for the 80% stat got that number. I looked at Chapter 1 of the “Fog Zone Report” of the website of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy which had data on young adults’ sexual activity and found nothing of the sort.

I don’t believe the statistics, especially the 80% of evangelical young adults figure. Most of these studies that cite such “shocking” statistics about how Christians don’t live much differently than non-Christians probably use watered-down definitions of “evangelical” or maybe don’t provide a definition at all and ask people to self-identify, which is always going to end up overcounting because everyone thinks they’re Christian.

I don’t believe the widely held view, based on “studies” that probably have similarly flawed methodologies, that Christians divorce at similar rates as non-Christians. I’m sure if you account for very basic variables like weekly church attendance (to weed out the holiday-only attendees) and consistent Bible reading (to weed out those who are horribly Bible illiterate)–very basic marks of solid, mature Christians–you will find that Christians do live differently than the world.

Just some cursory thoughts. No hard data or rigorous critical analysis.

Edit: Kevin DeYoung at The Gospel Coalition has posted a critical response to this study.


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  1. i agree with you

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